Maine Story from Bonnie J

by Author Self Published | Monday, March 31, 2014
Maine Story from Bonnie J

I called Fish River Rural Health and leftt a message for Rita Jaskins. When she called me back, she was very pleasant and informed me that I should come into the facility soon to learn more about my health care options.

I drove to Fish River Rural Health on Sunday in the middle of a snow storm. I only had to wait 15 minutes before Rita set me up on a computer in the back room. She has helping others as well, hopping around from one person to another just like a bunny rabbit. The hardest part of the whole process was setting up a new e-mail because the system wouldn't accept the only one I had. Thank goodness Rita was there to assist me. She helped me glide through it with such ease. Now we were ready to get down to the healthcare options. My stomach started growling and Rita heard it. That's when she was so generous and offered me one of her granola bars. She even offered me two different choices. Yum yum. Thank you Rita.

I started the process and had a few questions here and there but Rita always had an answer for me. Rita was very knowledgable and did an exceptional job relaying the pertinent information with each health plan choice. I asked Rita if she was ever a teacher. :) If I were to head a healthcare plan, I would definitely hire Rita to do the job she does so well. Now my husband and I have insurance.

Thank you Rita!!!



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Maine Story from Julie S
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I am a self-employed period costume historian and hand bookbinder who has needed to get health insurance for myself but could never afford a very satisfactory one.  I signed up at a workshop set up by Pen Bay hospital and after a couple hours I was able to be enrolled.  I am glad I did!

Maine Story from Heidi P.
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I had great health insurance until I was laid off in July 2013. There was no way I could afford the cobra as it was going to be over $1000 a month.  I was anxiously waiting for the Affordable Care Act to take effect. I also found out that all the plans in the Affordable Care Act have great coverage for people with diabetes.

Maine Story from Holly W.
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Tip to others: Get local help.  I found Lisa Lemieux and believe it or not Ms. Lemieux answered the phone.   How many times have you called a number gained from a website and the person you called actually answered the phone? Long story short, I am pleasantly surprised, have good coverage, and met the deadline.  I highly recommend folks find a local enrollment specialist and they will help you all the way.

Maine Story from Paula H.
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My insurance representative, Rachel to help me through the signup process for health insurance. Rachel was able to easily find me a plan that, with financial help, only costs me $3.20 a month. Rachel was almost as giddy as I with the savings!

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