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Maine Story from Julie S
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I am a self-employed period costume historian and hand bookbinder who has needed to get health insurance for myself but could never afford a very satisfactory one.  I signed up at a workshop set up by Pen Bay hospital and after a couple hours I was able to be enrolled.  I am glad I did!

Maine Story from Heidi P.
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I had great health insurance until I was laid off in July 2013. There was no way I could afford the cobra as it was going to be over $1000 a month.  I was anxiously waiting for the Affordable Care Act to take effect. I also found out that all the plans in the Affordable Care Act have great coverage for people with diabetes.

Maine Story from Holly W.
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Tip to others: Get local help.  I found Lisa Lemieux and believe it or not Ms. Lemieux answered the phone.   How many times have you called a number gained from a website and the person you called actually answered the phone? Long story short, I am pleasantly surprised, have good coverage, and met the deadline.  I highly recommend folks find a local enrollment specialist and they will help you all the way.

Maine Story from Paula H.
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My insurance representative, Rachel to help me through the signup process for health insurance. Rachel was able to easily find me a plan that, with financial help, only costs me $3.20 a month. Rachel was almost as giddy as I with the savings!

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